Great Archeology Adventure

In the summer of 2009 I went on the Great Archeology Adventure.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, traveling throughout Jordan, Isreal, and Egypt for a whole month.

The trip was organized by Dr. David Merling.  Dr. Merling had spent 20 years teaching archeology at Andrews University.  This trip focused on real archeological sites, not the tourist places ordinary Holy Land tours go to.  We started out by volunteering at an archeological dig in Madaba, Jordan for two and a half weeks.  Then a week in Israel, based in Jerusalem, and ending with a few days in Egypt.

I traveled with my daughter, Abigail.  We attempted to document our adventure in our first ever blog.  This was difficult, as we had not brought a computer of our own, and had to borrow from other members of our party.  Also, internet service was quite spotty where we stayed.

Link to Great Archeology Adventure blog.

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