Custom Taxonomy Issues

Today I upgraded the Arjuna Theme I use for my blog.  Looking at my blog after, I noticed that all the tag clouds for my custom taxonomies: Places, History, Activities, Gadgets, and Software were referencing basic post tags instead of my custom categories.  It took some time to find the problem.  This is a note to myself in case it happens again.

  1. Custom Taxonomies are added into the functions.php file.  When I upgraded Arjuna, the code that created my custom taxonomy functions was over-written.  When I put it back, custom taxonomies returned.
    • I had a backup of the modified Arjuna Theme on my HD.  I was able to find, copy, and reinsert my code into the theme functions.php file.  I gave myself a pat on the back for keeping a local copy of the modified theme.
    • I vaguely recall there is a way to insert custom functions into WordPress in such a way that they are not over-written by the theme when it is updated.  However, because I did not write such a note as this to myself at the time, I can’t recall the details.
  2. After fixing the taxonomies, the blog displayed a 404 Error when searching for specific taxonomy values.  The solution is to visit the Settings -> Permalinks page from the WordPress Dashboard.  Thanks to Sean Behan for the tip.

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