Enchanted Mesa

The first day of our read trip had a full itinerary, and I had removed Acoma Pueblo from the places we were going due to time constraints.  But the people we talked to at Laguna insisted that it was well worth the detour to see Acoma, even if we did not take time for the tour. They were correct. The highlight was the Enchanted Mesa.

Enchanted Mesa really does look breathtaking as it rises 400 feet out of the high desert floor.  The top of the mesa is considered sacred ground, and even lay Acomans are not allowed to climb to the top.  There is a park at the base, with some picnic areas.  A sandy road circles the monolith.  Due to recent rains, the unpaved road had several spots of loose sand and mud.  Blaze was careful driving in those areas, knowing that since he only has 2WD, he could get stuck.

I did not see any signs prohibiting photography as we went past the Enchanted Mesa (except videos are not allowed), but as we drove through the village and out the other side, there were many signs prohibiting photography without a permit. Since we were only passing through, not staying any length of time, I did not purchase a permit. So we have no pictures of Acoma or the surrounding area.

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