The Inn At Halona

We spent the night at Zuni Pueblo. The trading post in the center of the village has been owned by the same family for generations. The current owner married a Frenchman, who is the innkeeper for the Bed & Breakfast. He treated us very well; there were snacks available so that we did not have to go out to eat that evening, and a we were provided a full breakfast in the morning. The rooms were tastefully decorated, and we were upgraded to two rooms, though we had reserved only one.

My attempt at blogging on the road.  It was not a success.  The inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard missed keystrokes, and together with my normal typos that led to much frustration.  I had no way to upload photos from the Pentax camera, and the iPhone screen is really too small to properly edit a blog.  I ended up recording text with a few photos taken on the iPhone.

It was pouring rain the last 10 miles from El Morro to Zuni, but with the aid of Google Maps, I found the B&B easily enough. The Garmin Nuvi GPS was not helpful because it did not have the B&B in its database. However, I was using an iPhone app called Cartographer that syncs with Google Maps. Since I used Google Maps to plan the trip, Cartographer was able to give specific directions to the B&B, using the GPS built into the phone.

This girl is holding the turtle fetish I bought as a souvenir for Dad.

Even after arriving at the Inn at Halona, and parking practically next to it, it was not obvious which building was the Inn. Finally the innkeeper, working at the trading post next door, showed us to the B&B.

In the morning, after breakfast, we took a walking tour of the old part of the village. As we were leaving, we stopped at the gas station to buy fuel, and a girl selling fetishes approached us. I bought Dad a turtle fetish as a souvenir of the trip. I’m sure it was overpriced, but the girl looked like she needed to make a sale.

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