Laguna Pueblo

Laguna Pueblo sits on a hill, with the San Jose de la Laguna Mission church in the center.

We did not have time to visit the San Jose de la Laguna Mission, a 300 year old church in the Pueblo, but we did stop at a spot where Pueblo residents were selling handmade jewelry. There we struck up a conversation with two sisters, who interestingly were from two different tribes: Acoma and Laguna. Before we left, I had been invited to their feast, both at Laguna and at Mesita. Such friendly people, to invite perfect strangers into their village, and into their home to share a meal. I will try hard to accept the invitation and attend.

Bruno strikes up a conversation with a jewelry vendor from Laguna Pueblo. Vending is not allowed on the Interstate right-of-way, so the Pueblo has built these booths on their land. I-40 right of way ends at the fence seen in the photo.

Clara invited us to the Feast at the Village of Mesita, part of the Laguna Pueblo.